The Magic of the Tarot

The Magic of the Tarot

As the amazing Doreen Virtue put it, "Cards are a no-brainer way to talk to Heaven." I see them as a shortcut to the chase for enlightenment -- we ask for guidance via a specific set of 78 images rather that waiting to complete our catalog of coincidences, found objects, dreams and other signs. The are an instrument of our intuition, and an open vessel for the symbols and synchronicities that we receive as messages from our Divine Source.

They can offer guidance and comfort about:

Your Path and Purpose in this Incarnation

Where You Are Blocked

The Meaning of Dreams

Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit

People in Your Life

Where to Find Joy

...and more (read on at the bottom of the page.)

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Donald, the Damage and the Do-Over

I think there is at least a little part in each of us that tries to agree with Trump.Why? Because it’s safer. No, not saying that he’s safe to have in office. Rather the opposite, that he is the sort of person we learned very early that it was dangerous to disagree with. The ultimate Pig Parent, if you will...

Johan Wahlstrom "Women Should Be Punished"

For years I have tried to communicate the notion that what I will call the “vocal right” actually dupes and abuses the public by using a tone of voice and style of speaking that echoes a particular variety of child abuse to manipulate large numbers of voters into the service of the oligarchy against their own best interest. Most of us learned as kids to shuffle along with at least some of this idiocy because one refused at their own peril, so just give yourself credit for being here. And hopefully learning not to respond to the triggers once we remember we are safe now.

Finally, we have the proof  - Donald Trump’s debate performance was a perfect, validated example of how someone can say nothing of truth or substance -- with authority. Did anybody not say “WTF?” when he muttered the aside about a 400 pound hacker in bed?  Americans, you will not be struck dead for admitting to yourself, or saying out loud - “that’s insane.”

Let this be a wake-up call for voters and help all of us heal from the divisive and destructive behavior of theses wingnuts with 3-year-old minds in adult bodies. Imagine a giant toddler picking up the Earth to smash it to pieces… and take it away!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rescue Me! Rescue YOU! Rescue MORE!

"Animal advocates share much in common with veterinarians who suffer from feelings of hopelessness and depression two to three times more often than most people. Their suicide rates are double those of doctors, and four to six times higher than the general population."
Referencing this article in the Boston Globe about the high suicide rate among veterinarians, the above posted by In Defense of Animals  stopped me in my tracks, first for a targeted "share for shares" on Facebook, then to share my thoughts here...
(c) City Critters Inc -- Earl Grey is adoptable, contact

For several years I volunteered with City Critters Inc in NYC caring for rescues (mainly cats and kittens), counseling adopters and often handling intake requests - this last being the most difficult. I learned firsthand what those who accept this lifetime calling face on literally an hourly basis, often including life and death decisions and bullying from the "human" community. Several people I adored and would refer to as Earth Angels left this plane too soon.
It is hard to care for yourself under conditions where there is so much need and only so much of you. Even working 24/7 there will always be innocents your love cannot save, the need is just to great, the numbers loo large. This is where we all need to look at the bigger picture.
The first step, of course, is not to lose YOU! Burning out means you are able to accomplish less, not more - you can't achieve your highest if you are sick, tired, scared, beating yourself up, or simply not here. Once you learn to ground your activism in LOVE and carry on, you are also needed for step 2 -- more people are needed as fosterers, carers, adopters, donors etc. Using new tools it becomes a joy to invite others to join - we can do more for animals by reaching out to humans.
One of the lights of my life at the time was a young man who came to me with a photo of his cat and his beloved. She had passed away and he explained to me that the "cat hates me." I looked at the cute calico and sweet woman in the photo and I felt his grief just streaming. I KNEW he had to keep that cat, but did not think he could hear it in the moment. So I told him to send photos but hold onto her, if possible, until a space opened up. A couple of weeks and scant emails later, I received a photo - of him and now - HIS cat. I felt grateful and blessed.
You have to listen, without judgement, and act from the heart, it is so rewarding, And all you really have to lose is your harsh judgement of yourself.
IDA offers a monthly forum to support animal activists:
Veterinarians, so many of whom encounter the same stresses and collaborate with rescues, can also find support at:
I am also pleased to offer individual guidance and recommendations of resources (such as for meditation right now!) for rescuers on a pro-bono basis. Just knowing you do what you do makes my world a better place...

This post was going to be about synchronous firelies...

Took another turn today, back with that one soon! -- L

Friday, September 16, 2016

On coping...

photo (c) Kaitlin J. Martin

We humans use various devices to cope with stress. Often they are things we consume – caffeine, alcohol, sugar, tobacco, food in general...but it can be any behavior that changes the way we feel. Even something great for you like exercise, reading or meditation can help in the short term by boosting your ability to handle what is coming at you. Or become a problem if we do it over and over without resolution of the stress.
Misconceptions arise from the belief that if something disturbing is present or on the horizon, we can shut out the stress by shutting out the feelings we have now. In fact, once the stressor signs into our consciousness it needs to be released for the feelings to stop.
Openness is the ultimate coping. You accept the cause of the stress, observe it, diffuse it without a fight, and then release it -- the sooner the better. Your coping mechanism, whatever that happens to be, should increase your connectivity, not lower it.
We all have choices, that is one of the gifts we are given for a purpose. I am not going to be the one to say, “this is bad to do,” “that is good to do.” Or “this makes you a label and you have to go to a meeting.” Only you can know why you do what you're doing and how it works, but I hope the guidance above can begin to help you utilize the tools you choose in a healthier more productive way.
For example I am writing this under the influence of the caffeine I seek out in the morning, which I tell myself helps me from falling asleep during meditation and keeps me flowing faster when I am writing this now. I also often need a little help focusing.
However, if I say I need another cup of coffee because I'm listening to somebody and not paying attention and feeling sleepy and bored, I really need to deal with my lack of attention and appreciation and gratitude for this other person and listen. The coffee is just excusing an error on my part...editing this now, I resisted cup #3, which was really an excuse to procrastinate disguised as a beverage, and jumped in. No longer interested in more coffee!

Same with needing a drink because you had a bad day… release that energy first and enjoy your social time so much more because you are not re-hashing and making things even worse. You may recognize a law of attraction principle here too... beat the drum of what stresses you out and the universe can only deliver more of the same.
Above all be good to yourself when faced with challenging circumstances! Compassion begins at home, when you give yourself space to heal, it heals those around you as well.



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